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"Out & About" showcases how special wearing Heart & Stole looks and feels.

Out for a Birthday Brunch - Sausalito CA

The theme of the party was Hat & Gloves for a lovely Twin birthday brunch at The Spinnaker in Sausalito, CA.

Everyone dressed up and carried with them the excitement of going to a stunning party, and of course, poised to have a great time.

That's what a festive hat can do - elevate the mood.

Photo: from Left to Right

LynAnn King, Diane King Vetterlein, Laura Hahn Atwood

Send us your photos and we'd be delighted to showcase.

Out & About - On the Scene

Out & About - On the Scene

Photos by Vern of Photovault

Heart & Stole is blessed to have an incredible photographer. Each photo is a work-of-art. Vern takes amazing pride and expertise in every photoshoot.

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