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Travel Sets

Travel Sets give a put together look. What ever your color palette, adding these accent pieces give you a polished look. Choose from an assortment of stylish shawl collars, matching hat.

Travel Sets - Cheetah Collection

Faux short nap Cheetah Shawl Collar and Russian Hat

Notched shoulders, 4 antique black buttons

Price: $249.00

Pillbox Cheetah Hat

Faux fur Cheetah, satin brown lining, choice of brass buttons or feathers.

Price: $125.00 each

The Cheetah Accents for Hats

Add Feathers for Flair & Style to Cheetah

The perfect handcrafted feather accent to a Cheetah Hat has the hint of nature in the wild.

Cheetah Shawl Collar

Here we've used a metal Island Gecko - it can be anything you'd like that speaks to you, visually and spiritually. This particular accent is placed on a finished faux material setting, and placed at an attractive angle, highlighting the accented ivory cording.

Travel Sets - Royal Blue Faux

Russian hat and matching Shawl Collar - Princess closure with invisible clasp. Hand-sewn linings,   Price: $295.00

Comes in White Faux Mink as well.

Shawl Collar - 2 button

Royal Blue, 2-button closure shawl collar. 

Price: $149.00

Shawl Collar - Princess

Royal Blue Faux Fur Shawl and Russian Hat, covered coat hook & eye closure, black satin felt backed lining.

Price: $239.00

Shawl Collar - 1 Button

Royal Blue Shawl Collar & Russian Hat - 1 wooden button. Price: $249.00

The Russian Hat

Fits comfortably over ears to keep you totally warm. The rim can be flipped up for additional style options. Comes in multiple colors: white mink, royal blue, black, gray tones and pink.

Hand-stitched lining. 

Russian Hat - Midnight Blue

Royal Blue Russian Hat 

Price: $99.00

Russian Hat - Faux Bear

Russian Hat with button accent in multi grey silver

Price: $125.00

Russian White Faux

Russian Hat - Black tones

Winter White Russian Hat 

White Mink Faux 

Price: $99.00

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