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Where does the word "Stole" come from?

The word stole derives via the Latin stola, from the Greek, "garment", originally "array" or "equipment". The stole was originally a kind of shawl that covered the shoulders and fell down in front of the body; on women they were often very large.

Insights & Tips

The bridal couple had 5-days to put on a wedding. The groom dashed to Heart & Stole! 

December 21, 2020

As the bride was at the salon, she sent him on a mission to secure the cream Elopement Set. While we polished his shoes,  and washed his tux shirt, he had a moment to exhale. When he put on the cravat, he felt regal and said, "Wow! This is perfect!" 

With the pink hatbox in hand, he ran back to deliver her cream fascinator with veil, mask and his cravat, they were set to be married the next day.
Instant bride and groom attire!

How do I purchase from Heart & Stole?

Book an appointment direct with Diane, either by Zoom, FaceTime, What's App, Phone or in person (Marin County, CA.) She will discuss what your fashion desires are, lifestyle and fit. Heart & Stole accepts PayPal and Venmo.

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